Paid toll in the Slovak Republic by Ariscard

The satellite technology of toll collection has covered almost 17 thousand km of three class Specified Road Sections in the Slovak Republic. Satellite GPS positioning technology provides for the transport geolocation; GSM/GPRS technology provides for transmitting data between the On-Board Unit and other information systems within the ETC system; Microwave DRSC technology checks toll payers within the process of toll collection enforcement.

The toll is applied to vehicles with maximum permissible weight over 3,5 tons. The payment is collected via the on-board unit, that records accurate data on the use of Specified Road Sections. The on-board device must be activated and correctly installed.

Toll rate amount depends on the type of the vehicle, number of axles, ecological "Euro" class of the engine, and distance driven.

Toll network operator:

Payment method:   

1. On-board unit  - different types

  • post-pay device – non-stop passage

2. Picking up a pre-pay device - topping up the OBU with Logpay Card

  •  Refundable deposit for 1 on-board device - 50 EUR

In case of loss or damage - the deposit is not refundable and the fine of 257 EUR applies

Payment mode:

post-pay  / pre-pay

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Toll network map:

Toll network map

Toll rates:

Toll rates

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Toll calculator

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Service points

  ARIS local offices, ARIS field managers