Slovenian toll by Ariscard

DarsGo is a modern electronic tolling system in free traffic flow, which applies to vehicles whose maximum permissible weight exceeds 3,5 tons.

Tolling is made possible with the help of a special DarsGo device, which must be installed in the vehicle. The tollable motorway and expressway network with the total lenght of 623,3 km is divided into 128 toll sections. Each section hosts a tolling gantry above the motorway, through which a vehicles passes. Toll amount is based on the length of an individual section and the characteristics of the vehicle, e.g. the number of axles and the EURO emission class.  The on-board unit is meant for the wireless transfer, reception and collection of data with the help of microwave technology.

Toll network operator:

Payment method:   

1.       On-borad device DarsGo. The vehicle account must be linked to the fuel card.

 2.       Logpay Card – pre-payment only (topping up the OBU)

Payment mode:

post-pay / pre-pay

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Toll rates:

Toll rates

Toll calculator:

Toll calculator

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