Scandinavian toll by Ariscard

AutoPASS is a Norwegian toll system owned by NPRA. Most toll points in Norway are automated. The GPS system allows to register the passage of vehicles with installed on-board devices - "tags" -, and without them (collecting data via photo radars and sending invoices to the vehicle owner company).

There are also about 200 collection points where it’s possible to pay for roads with the AutoPASS tag. Only at the entrance to the Atlanterhavs tunnel is it necessary to stop and pay before driving through. With a valid AutoPASS agreement and a “tag” in the vehicle, customers can count on discounts accrued by the operator for the use of paid roads.

NEW!!! Norwegian toll can be paid by the new interoperable device enabling payment in more than 12 countries.


Toll network operator:


Payment method:

1.    On-board device - AutoPASS tag

  • With the AutoPASS tag you can pay bridges in Denmark and Sweden - Oresund bridge and Storebælt bridge
  • Refundable deposit for 1 on-board device - 200 NOK
  • In case of loss or damage - the deposit is not refundable

2.    NEW!  Telepass SAT OBU – interoperable device in more than 12 countries including France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Liefkenshoek tunnel (Belgium), A4 higway Krakow-Katowice (Poland), Austria, Belgium, Scandinavia, Germany, Hungary*, and Switzerland** (* - coming soon)

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Toll rates

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Payment points

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