Swiss toll by Ariscard

LSVA road tax - Swiss Heavy Vehicles Fee - is charged on all heavy goods vehicles weighing 3,5 tons or more on all motorways and state roads in Switzerland.

The fee is charged using an identification card and special terminals for processing HVC data located at almost all border points. Easy instructions, which are displayed on the screen in many languages, allow the driver to independently carry out the registration procedure.

On the first enter Switzerland / Liechtenstein, the relevant vehicle HVC data are entered into the central IT system. The driver receives a reusable identification card with reference to a specific vehicle number.

At each entrance, the card has to be inserted into the terminal at the customs office, confirming the stored data, then the current mileage is indicated in writing, trailer data and payment method (fuel card). The driver receives a receipt with the given data in two exemplars. Upon the exit, the mileage is noted again, which the driver confirms with his signature.

Toll rate amount depends on the maximum weight of the vehicle, ecological "Euro" class of the engine, and mileage.

Payment method:  

1. Logpay Card

  • LSVA in Switzerland is a road tax therefore is not subject to VAT
  • Payment is collected on the exit from Switzerland


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Toll rates

Toll rates

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