Paid toll in Great Britain by Ariscard

In the UK, the HGV LEVY electronic system is based on temporary / periodic vignettes. All vehicles weighing 12 tons and above, except for buses, are subject to a toll, which is paid for through electronic vignettes. The vignettes are virtual, so drivers do not need to have a printed document with them.

The cost of daily, weekly, monthly, or annual vignettes depends on the weight and number of axles of the vehicle. Passage without payment - fine 300 GBP.

DARTFORD CROSSING is a major road crossing of the River Thames in England, connecting Dartford in Kent with Tarrock in Essex. For passage without payment - fine of 70 GBP

Operator - system:

HGV LEVY - vignettes / DART CHARGE – Dartford Crossing

Payment method:

1. ONLINE VIGNETTE purchase by Logpay Card

  • The vignette number is sent via sms or email

2. RESERVATION – needs preliminary registration

  • Dartford – no need to change the seat to make a payment. Just keep driving.
  • The rates depend upon vehicle category, Euro-class of the engine, number of axles, and time of day

Payment mode:


Official Web-page:


Toll rates, etc.:

Toll rates hgvlevy service

Dartford Crossing:


Dartford - toll rates

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