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Tunnel du Fréjusroad tunnel connecting Modane in France with Bardonecchia in Italy. The tunnel is less than 13 km (8 miles) long. The entrance to the tunnel from the French side is near Modane and is accessible from the A43 motorway. The entrance from the Italian side is near Bardonecchia and is accessible from the A32 motorway from Turin. Toll booths are located on the French and Italian sides.

From 01.10.2020 EURO 3 and EURO 4 vehicle are no longer admissible to the FREJUS tunnel.

Procedures for the transport of dangerous goods ADR - ADR

Tunel du Mont Blanc (Tunnel du Mont-Blanc) – road tunnel connecting Chamonix-Mont-Blanc in France with Courmaveur in Italy. It is one of the main transalpine transport routes. The tunnel is part of the E25 route. From the French side, it is marked as part of the N205 national road, and from the Italian - T1, and is part of the country's highway network.

The passage of trucks with EURO emission classes 0, 1, 2 (and from January 1, 2019 also EURO 3 emission class) and the carriage of dangerous goods through the tunnel is prohibited. Maximum permissible dimensions: width - 2.55 m; height - 4.05 m; length - 18.75 m.


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1. Logpay Card  - no rebate eligibility

2. Tunnels Alpins Frejus-Mont Blanc card – eligibility to discounts at the end of the calendar year

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