German toll by Ariscard

Toll in Germany is applied to all vehicles, both foreign and domestic, with maximum permissible weight over 7,5 tons. Payment is levied on all highways and chosen federal roads. Buses and some other groups of cars are not subject to a toll.

The toll system combines GPS satellite positioning technology with contemporary mobile technology. Payment is made by means of the on-board device, from which funds are automatically debited when traveling through Germany. The major advantage is that there are no obstacles to traffic obstruction (stopping the vehicle, speed reduction).

 The control system includes automatic monitoring by means of control bridges, portable control devices, stationary and mobile control using appropriate devices, as well as operational control.

Toll rate amount depends on the number of axles, ecological "Euro" class of the engine, section of the road subject to toll, number of bridges.
It is obligatory to set the real mass of the vehicle as well as the number of axles.

Toll network operator:

Payment method:   

1. On-board device OBU  - built-in car unit

  • Paid installation of the OBU (price from 100 EUR and higher)
  • Penalty for loss, damage, failure to return the device - 400 EUR

2.  Logpay Card – route booking

  • German toll can also be paid for by using a Logpay card when choosing and booking a route at Toll-Collect terminals or in the Toll-Collect online booking system

3. NEW!  Telepass SAT OBU  interoperable device in more than 12 countries including France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Liefkenshoek tunnel (Belgium), A4 higway Krakow-Katowice (Poland), Austria, Belgium, Scandinavia, Germany, Hungary*, and Switzerland** (* - coming soon)

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