BELTOLL by Ariscard

Beltoll is an electronic toll collection system applied on the territory of the Republic of Belarus. The system is based on DSRC microwave technology - dedicated short-range communication, allowing road users to pay toll without stopping at collection points.

The communication between the on-board device  and toll gantries allow automatic calculation of the toll for a specific road section when the vehicle passes under metal toll portals located above roadway.

Beltoll applies to the following types of vehicles: (information - BelToll )

  •  vehicles with maximum permissible weight over 3,5 tons.
  •  vehicles with maximum permissible weight less than 3,5 tons, registered outside the Customs Union.


Penalty for non-payment for each toll road segment - 260 EUR

Toll network operator:

Payment method:

On-board unit KAPSCH BY         
  • Refundable deposit for 1 on-board device – 50 EUR
  • In case of loss or damage - the deposit is not refundable

Payment mode:


Toll rate amount depends on:

  • number of axles
  • ecological "Euro" class of the engine
  • vehicle class
  • distance driven

Official Web-page:


Toll network map:

List of paid toll sections:

Toll network map

Paid sections BelToll

Toll rates:

Toll rates BelToll

Toll calculator:

Toll calculator BelToll

Service points:

Service points BelToll

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