Belgium toll by Ariscard

A satellite system of toll collection has been launched in Belgium since 01.04.2016.

Toll-payment is being collected via the on-board device with an integrated geolocation. Belgium toll covers more than 6900 km of motorways, expressways, and local roads, and is applied to heavy goods vehicles with maximum permissible weight over 3,5 tons. Toll fees depend on the vehicle weight, the ecological "Euro" class of the engine, distance, number of axles, as well as the region - Flanders, Brussels, Wallonia.

Toll network operator:


Payment method:

1. On-board unit SATELLIC. Needs preliminary registration

  • Refundable deposit for 1 on-board device - 135 EUR
  • In case of loss or damage - the deposit is not refundable

2.    Logpay Card – pre-payment (topping up the OBU)/connecting the device to post-pay mode

3.    NEW!  Telepass SAT OBU – interoperable device in more than 12 countries including France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Liefkenshoek tunnel (Belgium), A4 higway Krakow-Katowice (Poland), Austria, Belgium, Scandinavia, Germany, Hungary*, and Switzerland** (* - coming soon)

  • Flanders and Brussels - tolls are taxes and VAT free
  • Wallonia – Invoice-based VAT refund for tolls

Payment mode:

post-pay  / pre-pay

Official Web-page:


Toll rates:

Toll rates

Map of Flanders

paid toll

Flanders, toll rates

Toll rates

Map of Brussels

paid toll

Brussels, toll rates

Toll rates

Map of Wallonia

paid toll

Wallonia, toll rates

Toll rates

Toll calculator:

Toll calculator

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