Customs guarantee and T1 preparation

Attention ARIS cardholders.

From 01.12.2015 the company ARIS offers Customs Guarantee preparation to Russia and Belarus, as well as preparation of T1 guarantees from CIS to Europe. The service is available to all existing border crossings.
  • When preparing documents ARIS customers can take advantage of the following benefits:
  • Reasonable prices with the possibility of delayed payment
  • The number of customs codes is not limited and doesn’t affect to the final cost of services
  •   24H support, and quick service
  •   Possible to print and issue the documents on ARIS fuel stations
Detailed pricelist can be found in your personal account, as well as by telephone, referring to the regional offices of ARIS:
Latvia (Riga) +37167718986
Poland (Poznan) +48618741015